Uğur “vigo” Özyılmazel

Just another nerd...

Photograph of Uğur Özyılmazel

Skills and Tools

  • Experienced in Golang (5+), Python (15+), Ruby (10+), Bash (15+)
  • Experienced in Django (15+), Flask (6+) frameworks.
  • Experienced in rest/rpc/http related services.
  • Fan of Unix and Linux based operating systems and command-line.
  • Knows about containers, docker, build and CI/CD operations.
  • Enthusiastic and keen on exploring C and Rust.
  • Heavy fanatic of C16, C64, A1200, Open-Source and Demoscene! (35+)
  • Experienced in Teaching (7+), Python, Ruby, Bash, Golang,
  • Interested in building tools and utilities.
  • Loves to learn and teach.